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I had the pleasure to receive an invitation from TSC Lebanon for two to try their restaurants. The invitation included a 150,000 LBP voucher as a gift.



I went with a friend for dinner at TSC Signature Beirut Souks. The manager and the Chef Amer El Hajj welcomed us and we were seated on a high table that overlooks the cheese counter 😉

It was our first time at these restaurants and we asked the chef for recommendations. He recommended a list of plates and was very helpful, he answered all our annoying questions (well you know the usual stuff :p)  adn we ended up by choosing meat and chicken.


We were served makis as appetizers. I have heard great things about their sushi but didn’t have the chance to try it. I was not disappointed at all. I will be visiting them very soon for a sushi lunch or dinner.

Then the main courses were served. Here is what I had, Honey Mustard Chicken, highly recommended. I am sure the photo won’t do it justice, but here is how it looked like. I personally loved it, the sauce was light, the portion was perfect.


Then came dessert. Well needless to say that dessert is the best part of the meal but I liked that the chef was original and offered us Mochi a japanese desert and cheese cake. My friend loved the cheese cake and said it was one of the best she ever had and I fell for the Mochi. Could it be because it was smiling at me? Nah it was AMAZING 🙂


Afterwards, the chef took us for a tour at the store, explained about their specialties,  the fruits and vegetables section was amazing very clean and well organized. My favorite: The salad bar! It had a large selection of ingredients, it sure is a great option for a takeaway salad or delivery in case your office was nearby and don’t feel like going out for lunch. We also passed by the different cuisines they had, they seemed to be very keen on showcasing the fish selection they had and they sure know how to showcase them. Even though we were full, these were mouthwatering.

This sure is a great place to head to when you are feeling hungry, a wide variety of cuisines to suit all tastes and a quick shopping if needed.

A big thank you TSC Lebanon for the invitation, we loved the food, the visit as a whole and had a great time. See you soon.

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    Hi Maria ,its good to hear from you ,l hope by now you have graduated .Great reflection of the city of love and beauty Beirut.God bless you and bless Lebanon.J.M

    • 2

      Helloooooooooo it has been a long time :))))
      Well I am in the final stages, the hardest so far hehe
      Hope all is well at your end
      Many thanks for your support, I am glad you liked the post 🙂

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