Senteurs d’Orient Competition


Senteurs d’Orient a luxurious mother-daughter story born in 2000 with Hana’s beautiful handcrafted soap creations and completed with Sarah’s passion and dedication to take Senteurs d’Orient worldwide. 

Senteurs d’Orient is also dedicated to empowering women and promoting gender equality. In collaboration with United Nations Development Programme, the brand has a dedicated team of women in all roles and is constantly serving the vision of Senteurs Women’s Initiative. You can read more about Hana and Sarah’s story here.

I had the pleasure to visit their atelier at Tal el-Zaatar, Dekouaneh where the lovely ladies took me for a tour and were kind enough to show me the collection. First thing you will notice the second you step in is the beautiful fragrance that fills the air. A warm welcome awaits you, I had the pleasure to meet Reine who also took me for a tour in the atelier. I was lucky enough to witness them in action, they were preparing corporate gifts for the holidays, check out the photos below. They delicately pack each box and wrap it up.



The collection includes hamam soaps (aka soap on a rope), ma’amoul soaps, bath soaps, mini soaps, mint-tea leafs, guest soaps, soap pouches, transparent soap collection, soap palettes, essential oils and bath salts. You can also find some special edition rough cuts individually hand wrapped, that they can also personalize especially for you.

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The bath soaps are quite unique, made of pure vegetable soap, carefully studied for their weight, shape and their fit in the contours of the hand. They also capture the lush Senteurs d’Orient frieze embossed in each soap, which readily seduces the eye. The soaps are available in a range of 14 pure aromatherapeutic fragrances: Almond Exfoliant, Amber, Cedar of Lebanon, Honey, Jasmine of Arabia, Laurel, Lavender, Mastic, Olive, Orange Blossom, Oriental Gardenia, Rose of Damascus, Tea Tree, and Tuberose.

What I loved the most are the silver soap plate, silver soap box, hammam bowl, rosace silver bowl, vanity case, mini-vanity case, compact karité. The beautiful designs of these items make them a perfect gift idea that will definitely impress those who will receive it.

Last but not least the rosée d’oasis product range of haircare conditioner, all-in-one liquid soap, multi-purpose revitalizing oil, and glass bottles.

Eager to put your hands on these beautiful products? Contact them here and don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram using the hashtag #mysenteurs.

This holiday Senteurs d’Orient wants to share with you their unique luxurious experience and will be giving away two gift sets to the lucky winners of the competition.


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The competition is quite simple, comment with the number of fragrances of the Senteurs d’Orient bath soap. The competition will start on Thursday 31 December 2015 and will end on Thursday 7 January 2016. Only comments on this blog post are valid. Results will be announced 3 days after the competition ends.

Happy Holidays!

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    Thank you all for your answers, I am glad you have participated in this competition. The winner for this competition is Ghiwa Mouawad. Stay tuned for more competitions soon <3 Lots of love. Ghiwa kindly send me your contact details to deliver the gift on

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