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My cousin has a thing for perfumes, I can’t name it but she definitely has it. So I asked her to review the perfume I am currently using, check out her comments below :). A big thank you to my cousin who asked me not to mention her name <3

Choosing the right fragrance can be hard for some of us, and finding your signature scent can be even harder. You want the fragrance you choose to perfectly match your personality, your taste in music, in food…

Does Euphoria Liquid Gold suit your personality? Well, I know it does.

Euphoria Liquid Gold perfume for women by Calvin Klein was launched in 2014; it is classified as an Oriental Woody fragrance. The opening of this luxurious scent contains cinnamon on top which represent a spicy note (top notes provide the first impression of a fragrance, the scent usually lingers for between 5 and 30 minutes), the heart center notes are floral, one can definitely smell black orchid that provides a touch of mystery (middle notes contain the body of the blend it will usually take 10-30 minutes to develop) , and the magical part in my opinion is where the fragrance settles on the skin with a woody deep base note like sandalwood providing the soft and sexual excellence of the aroma (the base notes are those with the greatest molecular weight and last the longest). The perfect combination of these 3 notes creates a sweet and powdery scent carrying a warm and soft sensation. [Descirbed by G.M.]


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I am usually not a fan of woody fragrances, but for some reason, Euphoria Liquid Gold by Calvin Klein had a different and delicate way of exposing the woody fragrance, giving it a luxurious scent and a very distinguished personality compared to other fragrances where the woody scent is overwhelming. For me it is magical and is sure a masterpiece, you can still smell it at the end of a long day. It is long lasting and I love the fact that it has not-as-good imitators that don’t match the complexity and uniqueness that Euphoria Liquid Gold has to it. Some might argue that this fragrance is perfect during cold weather, I agree, but it still has quite a prestigious smell during summer nights.

This fragrance is exclusive for the Middle East region and Euphoria Liquid Gold by Calvin Klein is also available for men.

Have you ever tried it? I would love to know what you think of it?


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