5 Reasons Busy Ladies will Love Lexy Nail Polish


Lexy Cosmetics Nail Couture are simply great! Find out why and 5 reasons why busy ladies out there will love Lexy nail polish products.

I have been looking for the best nail polish that will keep my nails strong and healthy. I am not really a nail art fanatic but I love having a nice nail polish color on my nails especially when I am in meetings. Finding that nail polish product that has it all is not an easy task. Some dry fast but don’t last long, others don’t dry fast but last longer than others and some others are just awful and don’t…just don’t do anything!

I was also looking for something that dries fast with a shiny clean finish that lasts.

I am sure all of you have been there, creams, hair products, simply washing your hands will eventually damage that shiny top coat or crack your nail polish.

When you are busy woman, you definitely don’t have time to change that nail polish more than once a week, right?


A typical day at work requires a lot of typing on my laptop keyboard, not to mention the frequent traveling, so my nails get damaged easily. My nail polish does not last more than 2 days, don’t ask why!

Typical thing to do is to ask around, so I did, some said nail polish does not stick to my nails, others said the nail polish quality isn’t good, well I got a lot of answers… I have exhausted all my efforts trying every nail polish anyone can try, from cheap to expensive, different formulas, well known brands and unknown ones, Lebanese, international, you name it. Eventually I gave up, and had to change my nail polish every couple of days.

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I was visiting my aunt when I noticed she was applying a transparent nail polish with half a pill inside the bottle. That was the first time I saw half a pill in a bottle of nail polish so I asked her about it. My aunt is a pianist and had a hard time finding a good nail polish hardener that protected her nails from the damage piano keys did to her nails over time. She said it was the only nail polish that kept her nails healthy, dried fast and lasted for a long time. I was so intrigued with the half pill that was in the nail polish bottle, so i googled Lexy Cosmetics Nail Couture and asked them for more information about their product range.


They contacted me back, and I met with the founder of Lexy Cosmetics, Mr. Robert Tabet. A young entrepreneur, very enthusiastic about his products. During the meeting he introduced me to the brand, the range and explained how he started it all. Check out the cool packaging.


Busy ladies, this product is what you are looking for. Check their Facebook page here. I have also heard from many ladies who used it and were happy with the results. If you tried it out, let me know what you think.

I have been using most of the range for more than 3 months now. My nail polish remained flawless for a week even when I trained in the pool at least three times a week for an hour or more, or when I applied my daily facial ritual day and night, or applied hair cream or used my laptop for long hours.

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All nail polishes contain drying ingredients that sap moisture from the nail. Lexy nail polish products do not, my nails remained healthy, moisturized and my cuticles are practically gone.


Briefly, here are 5 reasons why Lexy nail polish products are the best nail care products especially for busy ladies:

1- Lexy Cosmetics Nail Couture has a full range of nail polish treatment that is healthy for your nails and cuticles.

2- Lexy nail polish dries fast.

3- It is long lasting.

4- It is an actual treatment where you notice clear improvements. Its cuticle remover actually removes cuticles and eventually stops them from growing.

5- The nail polish in the jar does not dry when you open the jar frequently.

Want to give it a try? You can find it in pharmacies.


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