Facial Spring Ritual by Pure Altitude


After an unusual winter weather, frequent travels and work overload, my skin definitely needs an exceptional facial ritual to get its glow back and be prepared for the summer. Pure Altitude has the products that will ans

Being constantly busy doesn’t help much, I don’t always have time to personally take good care of my skin or also have regular professional facials. So I am always looking for an easy, quick and efficient way to protect my skin where I can invest the least time possible (You must be thinking what a lazy girl she is! Not really I am just too busy, we all are right?). My constant search for such as solution finally turned successful. A friend has recommended Pure Altitude products available exclusively at Pharmacie Le Gabriel in Ashrafieh.

Pure Altitude – Maisons and Hotels Sibuet

This French high end luxurious skin care brand has a great story behind it. Inspired by the mountains its range has the healing benefits of Edelweiss, a key active ingredient of the beauty products of Pure Altitude. “Capable of withstanding extreme cold and intense sunlight thanks to a self-defense molecule that enables it to survive, the white flower of the Glacier perfectly illustrates the amazing ability of mountain plants to survive and evolve in a harsh environment. The edelweiss is a powerful natural protector against external stress and signs of aging in the skin.” – Pure Altitude.


Maisons and Hôtels Sibuet created a line of ultra-concentrated Pure Altitude treatments made from mountain plants, to help the skin survive the city as well as the great outdoors.


The Maisons and Hôtels Sibuet label is the result of a thriving family business that has existed for over 30 years. A pioneer in the mountain hotel industry including the flagship hotel, 5-star, Les Fermes de Marie, the family has an undisputed expertise in the creation of innovative projects. 


Each hotel is a unique universe, in total harmony with its history and its setting, each guest discovers a bespoke experience during their stay whether that may be in the French Alps, in Provence, along the French Riviera, in the heart of the Lyon’s old town or the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

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Pure Altitude brand has three lines for facial care and one line for body care. This rich selection of products guarantees you will find the products that suit your skin type.

Pure Altitude uses as a main ingredient the natural Edelweiss flower in its beauty products. The edelweiss used in Pure Altitude products is grown in the heights of the Valais area (Switzerland) as part of a mountain plant preservation program. This flower survives high and low temperatures while preserving its beauty. You can then imagine that the products will help you preserve and protect the beauty of your skin. The edelweiss is a powerful natural protector against external stress and signs of aging in the skin. 


Source: Pure Altitude

Pure Altitude Facial Ritual

Pharmacie le Gabriel invited me for a Pure Altitude Facial Ritual. And guess what, I didn’t have pimples after this ritual. I usually end up with pimples after a facial so this was actually a first. The facial ritual itself was a very interesting experience. I traveled to a mountain where I could only smell fresh flowers and relax. I was interested in knowing more about this brand and those products that smell soooooooooo good and needless to mention have a great packaging. So that is why I decided to write this editorial about my experience.


I strongly recommend you give it a try it. Below are the products that were used and a quick brief about the use of each product.



The Facial Ritual consisted of using the below listed products in the same order.

1- Lait des Alpages à l’Edelweiss et à l’Arnica This product is used to start off a the treatment. It cleanses, softens and moisturizes the skin.

2- Eau d’herbes à la Mélisse et à la Menthe Has an instant energizing effect and complements the Lait des Alpages toning and cleansing effect.

3- Gommage Flocons de Céréales This exfoliating care rids the skin of dead cells. It gives radiance to the skin while nourishing and softening it.

4- Liftaples Elixir d’Himalaya This natural elixir serum with vitamin E is dedicted to the skin that has been stressed out by city life or too frequently exposed to harmful everyday elements. After use, the skin is deeply regenerated, regaining proper balance.

5- Masque Fleurs de Givre Its softening and moisturizing properties immediately gives a feeling of softness ans comfort. It relaxes ans soothes the face. It is a veritable anti-stress treatment for tired skin with an instant healthy glow effect.

6- Soin Éclat Précieux à la Tourmaline instantly brightens the tint shine, restoring peaches and cream complexion to the skin. it activates micro-circulation, soothing the epidermis. Can be used during the day or night. May also be applied on the cleavage after sun bathing: it gives the skin a satin tint, showing off tanned skin. Isn’t it cool?

7- Don’t forget to put a sunscreen and enjoy a beautiful day out with a radiant face.

Interested in trying it? Contact Pharmacie Le Gabriel at +961 1 324 686 for more information.

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