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Clarisonic Smart Profile the enhanced cleansing experience. A must have! Why you ask? Details below.

I personally loved Clarisonic Smart Profile, definitely my favorite Clarisonic device so far. I live an extremely busy life and sometimes have the tendency to quickly wash my face without giving it the time needed to clean it well. Yeah sure I end up with acne at the wrong times!!!!

Clarisonic has always been my favorite cleansing device, they are always pioneer in the field and have always offered the best to their clients.


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Clarisonic Smart Profile Features

Clarisonic Smart Profile has the most features among all the Clarisonic devices, it is Smart, total face and body, 4 speed all-in one cleansing device. It is also distinguished by a horizontal movement of the brush, left and right as opposed to other devices which move in a circular way. This unique technology gives the device amazing features.

It has 4 speeds, T-timer, Body brush head, Spa mode, Speed indicator, USB charging, Battery life indicator, Replace brush indicator, Smart mode, Smart brush heads, RFID enabled, Turbo and 11 times cleansing power.


The device comes with the Smart Dynamic Brush Head and the Smart Turbo Body Brush Head.

The Smart Profile cleanses 11 x better than hands alone, better removal of long-wear makeup than hands alone. The Smart Profile removes long-wear makeup better than hands alone. Also its has the power to cleanse age-accelerating pollutionants 30 times than hands alone.

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How Does it Work?

The process is very simple, learn about each button, choose the feature you would like to use and enjoy the results.

Here is a tip for a longer battery life. It is recommended to charge it for 24 hours when you receive it and before using it for the first time. Then use it until the battery drains out, then recharge it. A charged battery will last for approximately 36 min.

You can watch the video below for a quick demo about how it works.

You can also check the below photo.


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“Smart Profile and all other Clarisonic facial cleansing devices are clinically proven to remove thirty times more age-accelerating pollutants from skin than using your hands alone,” says Clarisonic co-founder Dr. Robb.¹

Looking for more power? The Turbo boost provides a temporary amplified power boost to any speed at any point through the cleansing cycle. Changing the speed changes the distance covered within a second giving it more cleansing power. Change your device to manual mode and enjoy custom cleansing ritual at your own speed. Hold the speed and mode button (+/-), hold it for 3 seconds to switch from smart to manual mode.

The Smart brush heads are equipped with a micro chip that detects the zone of the face that you are cleaning and will adjust the speed accordingly.




My Favorite Features

Clarisonic Smart Profile has amazing features even when you live a busy life. It only takes a minute, as in just 60 seconds, to deeply CLEAN all your face. What I liked the most was the T-timer, it has a timer that beeps when it is recommended to move the brush to another area of your face. You can silent it as well. Follow T-Timer prompts while gently moving the brush head in small circular motions. The 60 seconds are divided as follows, 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds on the nose and chin and 10 seconds for each cheek. The speed on the T zone is of course more powerful, it slows down in the last 20 seconds. You can also clean your body in 3 minutes only!!! The program for exfoliation and massage is divided as follows: Foaming Massage 30 seconds pulsating, Full body cleanse: 2 minutes, continuous and Finishing Massage: 30 seconds, pulsating. Keep the brush head flush to the skin. Pressing too hard will impede the motion and reduce effectiveness.



Immediate skin transformation after just one use! When cleaning is done and after washing your face with water tap your face with a soft towel to dry it out. You will feel instantly how soft your skin is and can clearly see how clean it became. Since Clarisonic Smart Profile deeply cleanses and tones your pores, simply apply your daily moisturizing ritual once done. A study tested 105 women using the smart dynamic brush head for 4 weeks, 91% of consumers reported smoother skin, 90% of consumers reported softer skin and 81% reporter healthier skin.

I personally love using it twice a day at night and in the morning. If you do not wish to use it twice, I highly recommend you use it at night to make sure you sleep with a clean skin. It has been some time that I am regularly using it. I can feel a smoother, more radiant, cleaner and acne free skin.


Clarisonic Smart Profile has a second brush for the body. You can also add a scrub and use it in the shower for a smooth skin. I personally love the velvety smooth feeling after the shower.

Being a frequent traveler, Smart profile is a great traveling companion, light and doesn’t take much space, fits perfectly in my carry on during short trips. However, it would have been great if it had a purse for easy packing of the Smart Profile and its brushes.

So that is why everyone, and yes even men are in love with the Clarisonic Smart Profile. So what are you waiting for to get your own? You can find it Sephora stores in the Middle East.

A special thanks to the amazing team in Dubai managing the brand, it is always a pleasure collaborating with you <3.

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